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Property Management Perks

Eluvial full- service management clients enjoy full access to the following property management services:  

  • Operations & Administrative: Monthly financial reports, weekly bank deposits, interviewing potential residents, processing applications, credit, reference and employment checks, etc are performed by our company. Verification of credit reports, employment, income, past rental history, criminal background check. We administer the lease and related documents furnished.  

  • Property Maintenance: Maintenance and repair work includes working with contractors to ensure that any work scheduled will be completed within 48 hour or at a time that is least disruptive to the residents. Eluvial Property Management will obtain bids for subcontracted services and supervise of subcontractors during the duration of work. 24-Hour emergency maintenance will be provided. We will ensure licensed, bonded and insured general contractors are on staff. We will manage contractors, fiscal activities, insurance, and administration. Provide building and grounds maintenance  

  • Financial Planning & Analysis

  • Other Services Include

    • Rent Collection​

    • Court Appearances

    • Lease Renewals

    • Notices to Tenants

    • Move in/out inspections

    • Live phone answering 7 days a week

    • Marketing/advertising property for rent

Our Fees Are Competitive + Straight Forward:

  • $495 one time initial set up fee for each new unit

  • 10% monthly monitoring fee (minimum of $100/month) while property is occupied + tenant is paying rent

  • No monthly monitoring fee when property is vacant and no up charges on any invoices

Why Your Tenants Will Love Us

We go the extra mile to provide our tenants with the upmost service. We prioritize our tenants’ needs by making sure their voices are heard and that they are treated with the utmost respect. We strive to make sure that that everyone’s renting experience is easy. We care about creating a quality living space we look and look forward to the budding partnership between renter and tenant. 

We will be prompt in our communications, transparent with our information, answer any questions, respond to maintenance requests, have online payment options, and connect to create a community for your renters. Let’s get started! 

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